Winter Bassin’ with Jewel Jigs – Tyler Nekolny

As winter moves into full effect, tricking bass to consume your bait can become tricky. This is when matching the forage in a body of water becomes extremely important. Since the water is much colder this time of year, bass become lethargic and require less food, due to their slower metabolism. As a result, I throw a Jewel finesse jig with a low-profile trailer, in an attempt to mimic a natural crawfish. I use natural colors because the lethargic fish will slowly approach and study the bait for a longer period of time before consuming it.

UntitledWhen deciding what colors to throw, I try to keep it as simple as possible. Using a basic color scheme of green, brown, black, or orange, have all worked well for me previously. All crawfish have hints of these colors on their exoskeleton as they mature throughout their life. This is why I always carry Jewel jigs in the colors of green gourd, green pumpkin candy flash, black and blue, brown, and hot peanut butter, when targeting these winter bass. Matching the color scheme of your favorite Jewel jig and a quality trailer will produce good bites throughout the colder months. I prefer a Snack Daddy “Craw Daddy” due to its subtle action, giving the jig a more realistic winter presentation. I have also noticed this technique to work especially well with lighter jig heads because of their slower descent through the water column.

So whether you are already an avid jig fisherman or just starting out, Jewel jigs are a great lure to throw year round and will help you catch more fish. These are just a few of the successful secrets I’ve developed over my years as a tournament bass angler. Don’t take my word for it though, go give ’em a try for yourself!











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