Topwater Froggin’ – Brett Herder

BrettHerderFishWe all love witnessing the commotion of giant bass exploding on top-water lures. It’s arguably one of the most popular ways to catch bass, due to its ease and excitement. However, year after year top-water lures have proven themselves amongst the best at catching absolute MONSERS. With so many shapes, sizes and colors of top-water baits on the market today, it can quickly become overwhelming which ones to choose. Treble hooked baits work great in open water situations absent of weeds and cover, but as most fisherman can attest, the biggest fish are often found in the thickest cover they can find. This is where the Jackall Iobee weedless topwater frog shines.

Mixing the clean, artistic appearance of an open-water bait, with the weedless capabilities of a frog, the Jackall Iobee should be included in every experienced bass angler’s arsenal. This lure excels in every top-water situation imaginable, where others have struggled to put fish in the boat. It can be walked in open water, skipped under docks, flipped next to laydowns, and my personal favorite, hopped across any type of submerged vegetation. The dog days of summer provide for some tremendous action when fishing these thick mats of vegetation, since bass will hide from the excessive heat and sunlight. However in the spring and fall, choosing the Jackall Iobee to walk-the-dog near wooded cover instead of a treble hooked lure, can mean the difference between catching a five-pounder and getting hung-up.

My personal believes on color selection can be made as simple as this: darker colors on overcast days and lighter colors on sunny days. Experimenting with different colors, cadences and areas will help figure out what presentation those elusive bass want. Be sure to have tackle tough enough for the job at hand though! My frogging set-up includes a heavy action 7’6” G-Loomis E6X rod with a fast action and a Shimano CI4+ reel with a 7.1:1 gear ratio spooled with 65 pound PowerPro braided line. This combination provides the backbone, speed, and strength necessary to get a solid hook-set through the thick mat and haul ‘em into the boat.

Top-water frog fishing will provide you with some of the most memorable days on the water. Find an area where different types of submerged vegetation come together, make a long cast, and hold on tight!


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