Be Confident – Dylan McKee

A few weeks ago I was asked by a friend what my confidence bait was, and out of pure habit I immediately responded with “a jig.” Then I stopped myself, took a moment to contemplate, and quickly said, “I take that back, I meant Snack Daddy Lures Elite Tubes.” My friend, not being an overly serious fisherman, was very surprised by my answer because he had never heard of Snack Daddy Lures, or for that matter, using tubes to catch bass.  I went on to explain to him briefly about Snack Daddy Lures tubes and the manner in which I fish them, then we moved on to catch up on some other things. It wasn’t until later that night when I got home that I started thinking about how surprised I was by my response to my friend’s question. I was caught off guard by the realization that Elite Tubes had replaced jigs as my confidence bait, almost without my notice. This realization caused me to sit back and think through the past two years of competitive fishing and just how this change occurred.

In the fall of 2013, I joined the Kansas State Fishing Team as a lifetime fisherman with absolutely zero tournament experience. Competitive fishing had always been a dream of mine, but I had never owned a boat nor known anyone who fished tournaments prior to attending KSU. So like most nervous rookies approaching their first tournament, my partner (who was also new to tournament fishing) and I began to try and gather any information we could from other team members.  As you might expect we got many of the usual answers like jigs, shakey heads, and top water, but to our surprise, Snack Daddy Lures Elite Tubes was also one of the top answers from everyone we talked with. We knew that Snack Daddy Lures was one of our best sponsors, and that tubes where a legendary small mouth bass bait, so we made our first Elite Tube order. The first tournament we fished them in was at Melvern Lake in early fall of 2013. We had no graphs and our boat motor blew up mid morning, so we spent most of the day on the dam fishing Elite Tubes. My partner and I both landed the biggest small mouth of our lives that day and my partner lost the biggest small mouth I had ever seen right at the boat, all on Snack Daddy Lure Elite Tubes. Needless to say, we went home and immediately made another Snack Daddy Lures order.

dylanOver the course of the next year I continued to fish Elite Tubes at every lake we traveled to. While some people I know only fished tubes on small mouth lakes, I fished them on both small and large mouth lakes with tremendous success for both species. One of my two jig rods slowly became a full time tube rod and before I knew it I was reaching for the tube before I went to any other bait. In our first full year of competitive bass fishing my partner and I had several top 5 finishes, including a second place out of over 90 boats at the Collegiate BassMaster Midwest qualifier. We went on to place in the top 40 at the BassMaster Collegiate Fishing National Championship. I had an Elite Tube tied on at every event. Snack Daddy Lures Elite Tubes, and the confidence I’ve gained through fishing them, has helped me attain a dream I had been chasing since childhood.  So whether you are new to fishing or a tournament veteran looking for the next win, try Snack Daddy Lures Elite Tubes, and Be Confident.

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