Kansas State University 2017 Big Bass Bash

KSU Big Bass Bash Entry Form We are excited to announce that we have changed things up this year! Instead of the usual fundraiser tournament format that we host every year, we are now hosting the 1st annual Big Bass Bash style fundraiser tournament!! This year’s Bash will take place at Melvern Reservoir on April […]

Topwater Froggin’ – Brett Herder

We all love witnessing the commotion of giant bass exploding on top-water lures. It’s arguably one of the most popular ways to catch bass, due to its ease and excitement. However, year after year top-water lures have proven themselves amongst the best at catching absolute MONSERS. With so many shapes, sizes and colors of top-water […]

Winter Bassin’ with Jewel Jigs – Tyler Nekolny

As winter moves into full effect, tricking bass to consume your bait can become tricky. This is when matching the forage in a body of water becomes extremely important. Since the water is much colder this time of year, bass become lethargic and require less food, due to their slower metabolism. As a result, I […]