Wilson Lake Club Tournament Finale

The fourth and final Kansas State University Fishing Team club tournament of the fall of 2012 took place on Wilson Lake, Kansas. It has clear water with an abundance of both largemouth and smallmouth bass. This Kansas lake was ranked #77 on Bassmaster’s “Top 100 Best Bass Lakes” article. It proved its rating, with a great tournament and bountiful catch for all teams.

Water temperatures ranged from 56-59 degrees depending on the time of day and location on the lake. Each team was allowed a five fish limit of fish greater than 15 inches. All teams were successful in catching a limit.

Lance Maldonado and Nathen Kozlowski found the big bite that made the difference in the end, with a solid 5.7 pound largemouth. Nathen said “After that fish, we dropped our rods and came in ten minutes early.” Keeper size fish are plentiful on Wilson, however big kicker fish are hard to come by, so Lance and Nathen knew they had a great chance of winning after catching that fish. They beat the rest of the pack by almost a pound and a half.

The club tournaments are now done until the spring. The results from this tournament, as well as the final results are below, as well as the National-level tournaments the teams qualified for.

Wilson Lake  Results

  1. Lance Maldonado/Nathen Kozlowski – 16.18 lbs
  2. Taylor Bivins/Kyle Alsop – 14.80 lbs
  3. Ben Zuk/Ethan Dhuyvetter – 14.30 lbs
  4. Ryan Patterson/Garrett Cates – 13.77 lbs
  5. Kyle Swanson/Dan Towsley – 13.20 lbs
  6. Sam Starr/Alex Fulkerson – 12.53 lbs
  7. Tyler Hetzel/Austin Twite – 10.86 lbs

Final Standings

  1. Lance Maldonado/Nathen Kozlowski – 149 points (2 FLW regionals, Boat US National Championship)
  2. Ryan Patterson/Garrett Cates – 144 points (FLW regional, College BASS regional)
  3. Taylor Bivins/Kyle Alsop – 143 points (FLW regional)
  4. Ben Zuk/Ethan Dhuyvetter – 142 points (College BASS regional)
  5. Tyler Hetzel/Austin Twite – 142 points (Boat US National Championship)
  6. Sam Starr/Alex Fulkerson – 141 points
  7. Kyle Swanson/Dan Towsley – 136 points
  8. Tom Hobson/Aj Farmer – 85 points
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