The Trokar Advantage

sheldonBy Freshman member, Sheldon Rogge

I am a freshman on the Kansas State Fishing Team. Trokar hooks have been a huge help for me as I have traveled around and fished a lot of different lakes. I started bass fishing when I was in my early teens and I have always had a passion for flipping plastics. It was not until I started flipping with Trokar hooks that I started having great success doing it. I had lost several key fish in tournaments before that had cost me the tournament and a nice paycheck.

Ever since I started using Trokar, I knew I could count on that hook to stick fish and bring them in the boat. Now, I can honestly say I can count on one hand how many fish I have lost on a Trokar hook in the last two years. These hooks are incredibly sharp, so be careful when handling them. They really help me as well as the whole Kansas State

trokar advangtage

This fish was caught by my teammate Ethan while he was prefishing. This fish hooked itself, without any hookset. That shows just how sharp Trokar is.

University Fishing Team when we travel around and compete in nationally recognized tournaments. I think some people might overlook the brand of hooks they are using, but I know I will not be seen without a box full of Trokar hooks. Although you may spend a little more, you will save money in the long run as you will place higher in tournaments.

These hooks are unlike any other hook out there. The durability of these hooks is also a great feature; I have never had a problem with a hook bending, breaking, or going dull. So if you are looking for a great hook, go out and try Lazer Trokar. The advantage is huge!

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