The Crown Jewel of Jigs

gcatesBy Junior fishing team member Garrett Cates

Jewel has been around for a number of years and with it’s origin being so close to my hometown just south of Kansas City, I quickly discovered them as a young bass angler.  When I first started bass fishing competitively as a non-boater at the age of 14, the adults I was beating quickly noticed me. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t doing anything special, I was just throwing Jewel jigs regularly. I was throwing a 5/16 Eakins spider jig with a craw trailer everywhere I went. My primary lakes were Truman, Table Rock, Lake of the Ozarks, Stockton and Pomme de Terre in southeastern Missouri. These rocky lakes made it jig fishing heaven and I quickly learned that Jewels jigs were the best out there.

The versatility of this bait is one of the reasons I would throw it so much. I could practically throw it anywhere by only making small adjustments to my presentation. Pitching docks, shallow banks, deep banks, drop offs, you name it, a Jewel jig can be used.  It was lightweight and had a slower fall and also had a smaller, more finesse profile, which bass love year round. If the water was dirty I would throw a black and blue, if it was clearer, I would use more of a natural color. This simple rule of thumb worked out very well for me.

Today I am a member of the Kansas State University Fishing Team and am thankful that Jewel is one of our great sponsors. I have been using them since day one and to have them be a part of our team is amazing. Recently I have had success with their ½ ounce football head at Kentucky Lake for the FLW’s Midwest region qualifier, where we were catching them deep, dragging ledges and humps. We ended up getting 8th place out of 47 other teams and advancing to the FLW’s Midwest regional on the Detroit River.

Jewel jigs have proven themselves time and time again for me year round and all across the country. From the Potomac River in Maine, to the Midwest lakes I fish regularly, and in southern California at Lake Havasu and Lake Mead. Don’t take my word for it though. Go get some for yourself and start catching more fish!

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