Snack Daddy Smallies

gcates1By Junior KSU Fishing Team member, Garrett Cates

When I first transferred to K-State to fish on their fishing team, I didn’t know anyone and it quickly became apparent that I didn’t know much of anything about Kansas lakes either. Coming from Kansas City, I grew up fishing mostly Missouri Lakes including Lake of the Ozarks, Truman, Table Rock, Stockton, etc. I really enjoy these lakes because they provide great diversity with their large size. A lot of them also had good species diversity between Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass. I became very familiar with jigs because they were versatile in almost any condition Missouri’s lakes or weather could throw at me.

In the fall, the K-State fishing team has four club tournaments at local lakes to decide who the better anglers are. This put great pressure on me to be successful and earn the right to fish the nationally recognized college tournaments. I’m very thankful for Ryan Patterson, my partner the year I joined, for being a great mentor in our fall club tournaments. We made a great team and ended up finishing 2nd place overall after the four club tournaments. I give a lot of credit to Snack Daddy Lures for helping us catch the fish that we needed to be so successful. My jig fishing skills had little effect in these Kansas lakes that I was so unfamiliar with.

After being frustrated a number of times, I discovered what the problem was. These prevalent smallmouth here in Kansas LOVE those Snack Daddy tubes like nothing I’ve ever seen. If you weren’t throwing it, you weren’t catching them; it’s as simple as that.  The soft plastic felt more appetizing and the tentacles looked more realistic to them. They crushed that tube unlike anything I had tried previously.

Over the summer I competed in the FLW regional qualifier on Kentucky Lake. My new partner Kyle Alsop (since Ryan graduated) and I caught them deep on ledges and humps using Jigs and Carolina Rigs. We ended up getting 8th which was good enough to qualify us for the FLW Midwest regional on the Detroit River. The river is full of smallies and I knew exactly what I wanted to do there. The Snack Daddy Elite Tube was on fire again and we were catching one after another hopping it along in the current. We didn’t place high enough to advance to the National Championship but we sure had a solid bag and any of them could have been the cull we needed to make the cut.

If you’re an avid fisherman and aren’t familiar with tubes or haven’t been successful with them like me, go check out Snack Daddy Lures. They also have a full product line of different plastics that are just as good! Check em out and catch more fish!


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