SDL Elite Tube – A Wildcat Favorite

photo By Dan Towsley

Being on the fishing team for my third year now, I have figured the ins and outs to college tournament fishing. I have learned what my competitors throw and have been able to fish a variety of different patterns for bass. Being from Kansas however, there are not too many different ways to fish these lakes due to the same structure and vegetation. Fishing these lakes many times, I have learned a key bait that will catch fish time and time again. The Snack Daddy Lures Elite tubes are by far the best tube I have ever thrown. With its soft yet very durable hand poured body, there is nothing else that compares to it.

The elite tube is impregnated with a hefty amount of salt which will make the fish bite and won’t let go. This soft bodied tube is hand poured and tentacles are all hand cut with scissors, this allows the tubes to have their unique way of moving in the water unlike any other tube in its market. Snack Daddy Lures also makes another tube called the pro tube; the pro tube is much more durable. I’ve personally kept a pro tube on my Eagle Claw Shaw Grigsby HP Hook for twenty hookups with fish in a row. These tubes just flat out don’t rip like other tubes on the market. Snack Daddy Lures also produces a plethora of many other soft practices that are sure to help you catch fish wherever you go. Go check them out at and help support a family-owned American business.

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