Lake Perry Club Tournament

The second club tournament for the Kansas State University Fishing Team went to Lake Perry, KS. This 11,630 acre lake has shallow stained water, with lots of rip rap. Popular fall lure choices are jigs, spinnerbaits, and topwaters.

The conditions were tough for the anglers, with the fall turnover in effect. Water temperatures were in the high 60’s. Again, as with Tuttle Creek, teams were allowed up to four fish of at least 15 inches, and after that, they must catch fish of at least 18 inches.

The fishing proved tough, as only one limit was weighed in. The limit was a good one, however, weighing an impressive 15.9 lbs. Lance Maldonado and Nathen Kozlowski were the winners. Lance, a junior in Business, stated that the fishing had been tough all morning, but they fortunately found the pattern late in the day, and caught five keepers in the last two hours. Second place went to Ryan Patterson and Garrett Cates, who brought in two keeper smallmouth for 6.13 pounds.

Final Results
1. Lance Maldonado/Nathen Kozlowski – 15.9 lbs

2. Ryan Patterson/Garrett Cates – 6.13 lbs

3. Sam Starr/Alex Fulkerson – 4.8 lbs

4. Taylor Bivins/Kyle Alsop – 4.4 lbs

5. Ben Zuk/Ethan Dhuyvetter – 0 lbs

5. Kyle Swanson/Dan Towsley – 0 lbs

5. Tom Hobson/Aj Farmer – 0 lbs

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