How Navionics Have Helped Me – Drake Standefer

By Drake Standefer

I am a freshman on the Kansas State Fishing Team. This year, for my partner and I as well as the rest of the KSU fishing team, Navionics have helped us out tremendously. These chips map out everything about the lakes for you, and it is huge when you are looking for certain features. If you can read a screen, you can use these chips and that is what makes them so helpful. They really help us especially when we travel around to lakes across the country. Most of these lakes we have never even seen before so with these chips, it gives us an idea of what to expect because we can look at it on our graph beforehand.

It maps out every little contour line and shows it in very clear detail. Without these chips we would be going into every lake we fish nearly blind. This would make it much harder for us to find fish. But with Navionics chips, it really changes the game. It gives us an idea of what to expect and what to look for. They really help us as a team when we travel around the country. I know you will never see us anywhere without a Navionics chip in our depth finder. They are a huge part of the Kansas State Fishing Team’s success and I would recommend them to any serious angler out there.

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