G-Loomis Rods

IMG_20130521_154326_588By: Freshman member Sheldon Rogge

I started fishing G-Loomis rods when I was younger and used to walleye fish. They have always been my favorite type of rod to use and my first choice hands down. Fishing some of these Kansas lakes you really need to be able to get a feel for the bottom and these rods really allow me to do that. I can feel everything, and to me that is what makes them such good rods. Another great aspect of these rods is how light they are. I can fish with these rods all day and my arm will never get tired compared to other brands. My personal favorite is the NRX series. These rods are second to none; from the sensitivity to their super light weight, they are is incredible.

I know these rods have also been a huge help in the success of the Kansas State University Fishing Team. We travel all around the country, and having the best rods on the market it just as big of a part of our success as is the baits we use and then actually catching the fish. I know I will never travel around and fish any lake without taking my Loomis rods with me. I know the team as well as myself have placed all of our trust in these rods and we will be using them no matter where we go. So if you want to get a pole that’ll get you hooked for good, get out and try a G-Loomis you will not regret it. View their site here!

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