Electronics Key to Wildcat Success

By: Kyle Swanson, Senior

There are multiple electronic devices available out there today for bass fishing. For all of us on the Kansas State Fishing Team, we have found that the combinations of Lowrance depth finders with Navionics chips have been the most optimal tools to help us excel in our tournaments. Lowrance offers depth finders of all sizes and price ranges. All of them have the basic sonar function that is on all depth finders and all come with a GPS automatically installed.

The Navionics chips then combined with the GPS of the Lowrance finder allows for an extremely defined map throughout any lake. This helps to find areas for fishing in multiple ways, showing shelves, stumps, brush piles and multiple other fishing hot spots. When our teams travel across the country on various lakes and river systems, the Navionics chips paired up with the Lowrance units also help us determine where is safe to run our boats. Rivers can be unsafe to run at times, but with these chips, it makes it a lot safer due to the tremendous detail they provide.

From our success in Alabama, Missouri, Georgia, and all over the country, we became ranked #1 in School of the Year points, and it is safe to say we wouldn’t have had that luck without these critical tools. Check them out at www.lowrance.com¬†and www.navionics.com.

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